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IPv6 IP address planning and routing through multiple continents

Hi Everyone,


I would like to ask if it is possible to use globally a BGP AS number and IPv6 prefix in multiple countries in multiple continents.


A sample scenario:


My understanding is that an organization currently on IPv4 at the internal routing could migrate to IPv6 via dual stack implementation IPv4 and IPv6 together.


In this regard I would like to know if it is a possible scenario the following:


Company scope : multiple continents (Europe, ASIA, North America, etc)

# of sites : around 100 

# of host subnets for each site : less than 256


Is it possible to request a /48 IPv6 and use it GLOBALLY within all sites in multiple continents?

subnetting would be done the following way


2001:db8::/48 --> requested global IPv6 subnet

2001:db8::/56 --> subnet to assign to each site regardless of the geographical location (256 sites max)

2001:db8::/64 --> subnet to assign within a site for host address allocation (max 256 subnets)


Considering also that globally the AS number could be the same and BGP routing will be configured for each site peering with local internet provider.


Is this a doable scenario? 


Re: IPv6 IP address planning and routing through multiple continents



I may be wrong but to my understanding, it's not a good scenario because it involves a disaggregation of this prefix on differents points of the DFZ.

I assume that it it not the logic around IPv6 routing which attend to keep prefixes as much aggregate as possible.

Also, all ISP would have to agree with that and you'll need to use a PI prefix I guess. You're not supposed to announce a prefix smaller than /48.

Do you mean ISP or transit network providers ?


I think you have two choices :

1) you plan to use a /48 worldwide then you have to manage to aggregate it (as a PI prefix) and to peer on IX and transit networks yourself. I think you won't be able to announce subnet less than /48 so I guess you'll have to manage to centralized your traffic.

2) you plan to connect through differents ISP than you will use differents PA prefixes from these LIR. Each provider will assign a prefix from its own RIR assigned prefix.

For example, RIPE-NCC can offer PI prefixes is some specific cases :