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Hello all, I work for a CSP who focuses on migrations to Azure/M365. We are beginning a project with a customer who currently uses DUO in their current commercial tenant. They wish to keep DUO working as we migrate them over to a new GCC High tenan...

stevepetka by Beginner
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I would love to have an MSP webinar surrounding protecting Google Workspaces (formally GSuite) Reading the docs there is a note stating “If you are using Google as your SAML IdP for Duo Single Sign-On you cannot protect that same G-Suite account with...

ITEM93 by Beginner
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Completely new to duo. Here’s my use case that I’m trying to protect. We manage an application that has its own AD structure for our customers. Completely separate AD from both the customer side and our side. Both the customers and our employees log ...

svallarian by Beginner
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Hi, We’ve just signed up and added Duo to our MSP security offerings. I would like to see Duo have the ability to SAML into other MSP dashboards. Umbrella is a good example, you can setup MFA at the customer level, but not at the MSP level. Aruba Cen...

bjames by Contributor
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I am admin for our msp portal and our nfr portal, i deployed a DAG in our nfr portal, and created 2 applications for duo admin panel - SAML. 1 for MSP and 1 for NFR I can SSO into our MSP portal as this uses my primary email and does not need custom ...

Leonk by Beginner
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Hi all, I posted earlier, but figured a separate thread would be appropriate. I’m setting up new accounts in DUO, as we’re an MSP with several different clients on different domains. We have our own domain administrator accounts for each client, so I...

JuniorSA by Beginner
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We have clients listed as Child Accounts. I would like to assign certain users access to certain Child Accounts but not others. I called support and this does not seem possible at this time. Besides creating email aliases/logins for each child accoun...

tgeo-duo by Beginner
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