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Alan Singmin

3rd party CUCM API not changing FAC Authorization Level

Hi Community and Experts,


We have the below situation happening for our CUCM and a 3rd party CUCM API.

I'm hoping that one of you could please assist us here, or at least point us in the right direction.

The 3rd party lead developer is more than willing to assist in resolving this issue.


Our driver has been reworked to be compatible with ver 11 of the CISCO API.  The process it uses to amend the user FAC is as follows:


  1. Creates a list request, using the user’s FAC auth code as the parameter
  2. Queries the CUCM, using the above object.  If the request fails, or if the FAC auth code is not found, it exits and logs the error
  3. If the user is found, an update request is created, using the returned information from the list request.  If the returned object is not useable, for whatever reason, it will exit and log the error.  It will specifically use the returned UUID (unique user identifier) as the key.  At this point, the new COS (FAC auth level) will be assigned to the object.
  4. Once the update object has been created, it passes it to the UpdateFacInfo method.  If the request fails, it exists and logs the error. Otherwise, if the returned request looks good, it returns as successful.


The 3rd party lead developer has checked the current setup and logging, and it’s definitely attempting to lock the user, with a COS (FAC auth level) of 0.  It reports as successful, so at no point is anything irregular being returned from the CUCM.


The issue is that even though there's no errors and all looks like it's operational, the user FAC auth level remains unchanged on the CUCM.


Thank you


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