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Hello, does anyone have a document or a list with all the available fields and arguments expected on CUCM Audit Logs (GenericAlarmCatalog.xml)? I couldn´t found this info on documentaiton...

Elter by Enthusiast
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Hi,  I am trying to automatically configure backup schedules for our CUCM servers without any manual intervention. I have seen that the Platform Administrative Web Service (PAWS) API gives me the possibility to schedule the execution of already exist...

Good Afternoon All, Apologies for disturbing. Wanted to request assistance with the following issue I have. I'm using PHP along with AXLAPI.wsdl file to communicate with our Call Manager System (11.5). Up until now have been having good results, howe...

Nsaneone1 by Beginner
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Hey,If anyone is interested, I've made a NodeJS version to work with the API. Here you go const request = require('request'); process.env.NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED = '0'; // to ignore the error for self-signed certificates let cisco_axl_config =...

felten by Beginner
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Hi.   I'm trying to find an api call that will let me get the list of devices as seen via So it lists dedicated hardware e.g. a Cisco Webex DX80 in 2 locations. Not all the phones and desktops etc.   The rest of the ad...

Hi,   I am developing a Java application, which communicates via AXL using various requests. The app generates AXLPort objects on startup stores them in the memory and uses the appropriate one every time a request needs to be sent. Since we have quit...

Wolfy by Beginner
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