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Adding a Phone using the Universal Device Template via the API

Joseph Jacobs

We've been testing out the self provisioning process internally and it works ok, but not great.

I noticed if  you go to User Management > User/Phone Add > Quick User/Phone Add

Select a user, assign an extension and a user profile to it, i can then add devices from the Universal Device Templates I've added into the system.

Does anybody know if it's possible to add phones to users via the AXL API (or any other) using the Universal Device Templates?




Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately AXL does not support using the Universal Device Template.  Certainly similar functionality could be achieved by programming to the existing AXL requests (<addUser>, <addLine>, <addLine>, etc.), however.

Yes, but the issue is I then have to worry about the Phone Button Template vs the Phone Model.  The awesome thing about the self provisioning is if the phone doesn't support the universal phone button templates (8831 is a current model that doesn't) then it just creates an individual template.  Using traditional methods i have to maintain a table of phone models that support for universal phone button templates and tool different actions for those that don't.

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