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Device reports

Hello,Dose anyone know where CUCM stores the registered devices reports, the that you can get from risdb.What I would like to get is a report of registered devices form 1 hours ago, 3 hours ago and so on.How can this information be obtained?Thanks!

getLine with return tags - enterpriseAltNum and e164AltNum get returned no matter what

HiI figured it was high time I found another bug. So here goes:My get request<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns=""><soapenv:Header/><soapenv:Body><ns:getLine sequence=...

How to manipulate call forwarding?

For the project I'm working on, I need the user to be able to turn call forwarding on and off.  They also need to be able to modify the number that the call is being forwarded to.  I looked through the api and wasn't able to find anything that would ...

primaryDevice tag in user

HiWhat is the meaning of that tag? The documentation says "Primary Device for mobility users" which has me scratching my head. When I look at my fully configured users with RDP and mobile Jabber devices (and primary device filled out on the device), ...

Resolved! Reset Voicemail PIN using AXL

I'm new to Cisco AXL Can you anyone point me to correct direction. I'm trying to reset voicemail PIN and setting that user has to change PIN on next login.Should I use CUCM end point that looks like https://CCMSERVERNAME:8443/axl/and which soap messa...

mike.patel by Beginner
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Where we get cucm 11.5 WDSL Schema

hi,We have an application which uses 8.5 schema to update CIT routepoint for call forwarding to a number. not it got break due to upgrade to cucm 11.5. Could you please help in getting correct 11.5 WDSL main schema to do necessary changes.

Add Service URL to Service URL Button

Hi ,I'm trying to add the extension mobility URL to a button on a phone via axl.I can add the Service URL button to the phone using updatePhoneButtontemplate , however how do assign a service to the button.Anyone done this?

m.batts by Enthusiast
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