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CUCM - AXL API : Getting License Info

Hi All,

Looking AXL API capability matrix, I can see that using AXL api, we could perform the following options in CUCM.

  • listLicenseCapabilities
  • updateLicenseCapabilities
  • getLicenseUnitReport
  • getLicensedUsers

Could some one please help with right documentation to know about the wsdl urls and how do we use this API in terms of request and responses - A developer guide.

The actual objective is pull the license data from CUCM into a my internal monitoring tool as there is no SNMP / option available to get the data from CUCM

It would be great If somebody can guide me a sample of this method using SOAP UI

Thanks in advance

- JP


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Note that as of CUCM 9.0, licensing is managed by the Enterprise Licensing Manager/Cisco Prime component, and so most license details will not be present in the CUCM database for retrieval via AXL.  Note that ELM/Prime does not have any supported APIs itself - it may not be possible to programmatically retrieve all licensing details.

From 9.x-10.0, I believe that the requests listed above may be accepted, but may return invalid/empty results.  For these releases essentially no licensing info can be retrieved.

For 10.5, a 'getLicensedUser' operations was added, see an example below, which gets some basic license info per individual.

For 11.0, 'listLicensedUser' was added for searching/bulk info of users, along with 'doUpdateLicenseUsage', which (I think) causes CUCM to sync license info with ELM/Prime for updated data.  Note the operations-by-release page does not seem to reflect these two APIs currently (will fix.)

See this page for obtaining the AXL WSDL from the CUCM server:

getLicensedUser request/response:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="">









<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">


      <ns:getLicensedUserResponse xmlns:ns="">


            <licensedUser uuid="{1F1D3AFF-F77D-319B-7693-3C2221E6AF78}">















Thank you for the response.

I am in the need of mainly pulling license information of CUCM Version 9.x-10.0. Is there any option that I can think of in getting it ?

Will there be an option to query the ELM database to pull this data externally ? Any inputs.



Unfortunately I don't think there is a solution for now.

This FAQ notes a place where you can provide feedback on enhancements (e.g. an API) on ELM/Prime programmability:

Cisco AXL

Any update about this so far?