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Where to find a simple WSDL file to connect to CallManager


I need to test access to the Call Manager web service through a WSDL file. Does anyone know where to get a simple file with a method as adduser or get user to test?

Or an explanation how to create a new WSDL?

Thank you


Cisco Employee

Start up the Call Manager web UI.  Go to Application->Plugins and click Find. Download the Cisco AXL Toolkit. You'll get a zip file that has several AXL WSDL files (and XSD files) in it under the subdirectory "schema". You can edit those if you really need something smaller than what's provided.  Or you can simply use one of the WSDL files as is. There are no Cisco-provided WSDL files pared down to include just one or a few APIs.

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your reply. I export the WSDL as you suggest, then i try to validate the WSDL in the following site:

After i upload the "AXLAPI.WSDL" and "AXLSoap.xsd" the site gives the error bellow.

"The uploaded file schemaImport-0.xml is not a WSDL document. The root element of this document is:


instead of


Please upload the right document."

I try to change the line identified in the error, but another error appear. There is something wrong with the WSDL files.

Do you know anything i can do?

Thank you,


I'm not familiar with  The WSDL works fine, so I'm not sure what your goal is. 

My goal is to use the files in System Center Orchestrator. And usually i only need to upload the wsdl and choose the method i want to use. In this case for some reason i can't.

So i test the file with another tool to see if there is a problem and appear the error above.

One question. In the WSML is declared this lines:

The hyperlinks that are declared they supposed to work?  When i click in this links they don't work. (404 Page Not Found)


I'm trying to use the WSDL on a .Net client. I read the in Cisco AXL Toolkit a readme file to generate a CS file, and to make some changes in code.

But i don't understand you to create a CS project and to transforme that project into Web service and how to genereta a WSDL file. Can someone help me? Someone know a how to step by step to do what i need?

Thank you,


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