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Cisco huawei mpls l2vpn

anand kumar

Hi All,


While i m doing for the remote ldp formation between this devices of cisco 3600 & huawei 5700,

attached the configs of these 2 nodes.what could be the possible reason for this..

witch(config-router)#do sh mpls l2 vc

Local intf     Local circuit              Dest address    VC ID      Status
-------------  -------------------------- --------------- ---------- ----------
Vl2292         Eth VLAN 2292           2292       DOWN
VFI 2293       vfi                     2293       DOWN

Switch(config-router)#do sh mpls l2 vc det
Local interface: Vl2292 down, line protocol down, Eth VLAN 2292 down
  Destination address:, VC ID: 2292, VC status: down
    Last error: Local peer access circuit is down
    Output interface: none, imposed label stack {}
    Preferred path: not configured
    Default path: no route
    No adjacency
  Create time: 04:16:50, last status change time: 04:20:09
    Last label FSM state change time: 04:16:49
  Signaling protocol: LDP, peer unknown
    Targeted Hello: Id) ->, LDP is DOWN, no binding
    Graceful restart: not configured and not enabled
    Non stop routing: not configured and not enabled
    Status TLV support (local/remote)   : enabled/None (no remote binding)



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Nagendra Kumar Nainar
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Anand,

The targeted LDP session is down between and Can you check the LDP discovery output  and see if the LDP neighbors are reachable?. You can use "show mpls ldp discovery". Try to ping with source as 

In order to have the VC up, you need the T-LDP session up and also the interface (on which you have VFI/xconnect) enabled to be up. 




Hi Nagendra,

Couldnt find the neighbor & the ping isnt successful, but there is discovery & binding-local found in;

can you suggest further please.

Switch#sh mpls ldp discovery
 Local LDP Identifier:
    Discovery Sources:
        Vlan21 (ldp): xmit
    Targeted Hellos: -> (ldp): active, xmit

Switch#sh mpls ldp neighbo

Switch#sh mpls ldp bindings
  lib entry:, rev 2
        local binding:  label: imp-null
  lib entry:, rev 4
        local binding:  label: imp-null

Switch#ping source



Hi Nagendra,

This is directly connected switch for which i ma trying to establish a remote ldp,

sh mpls interfaces, states the tu1 as down, is there anything wrong in here

Switch# show mpls interfaces
Interface              IP            Tunnel   BGP Static Operational
Vlan21                 Yes (ldp)     No       No  No     Yes
Tunnel1                Yes           No       No  No     No

interface Tunnel1
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 mpls ip
 mpls label protocol ldp
 tunnel destination

also the preferre path in

pseudowire-class TEST
 ! Incomplete config [Unconfigured or invalid tunnel interface]
 encapsulation mpls
 preferred-path interface Tunnel1 disable-fallback
  ! Incomplete or invalid tunnel interface

Please suggest on this..





Hi, -> (ldp): active, xmit

You are not receiving LDP hellos from huawei. Also since ping itself is failing it appears to have issue with basic connectivity. Please check your routing entries to make sure you have connectivity between these 2 nodes for LDP session establishment.

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