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Different encoding of PW label between LDP-VPLS and BGP-VPLS

Dear Community,While using Wireshark for checking VPLS control packets, I noticed that the format of encoding PW label in LDP-VPLS is different than BGP-VPLS.In LDP-VPLS, as shown below, a label mapping message is transferred between PEs targeted ses...

attachment1.png attachment2.png

ASR9000 IPoE use dhcp remote-id as password

Is there a way for the ASR9000 BNG to set the password for an IPoE session from the DHCP Option 82 remote-id?As far as I can see, the BNG sets the password.  However, I have a situation where existing CPE's authenticating with RADIUS uses remote-id s...

Mas627 by Beginner
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Cisco Router 4331 "Transcoder Not Configured"

Hi, everyone. I have a router voice gateway 4331 ISR who has a SIP Trunk from a ITSP "B", but, when I try to make a call to PSTN, it doesn't work to a specifically carrier "Telcel", incomings and outgoings calls. Only to/from this carrier doesn't wor...

CISCO IP PHONE SPA 525G failed to associate with SSID.

Cisco IP Phones SPA 525G were connected via WIFI and worked perfectly fine. But after changing the router, the phones can not connect to WIFI as they keep displaying "Failed to Associate with SSID, keep trying in the background". When we add the netw...

sdcare by Beginner
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uRPF Feasible Path mode in NCS 5500

Hi,I have multiple NCS5500 routers in an ISP network. I would like to enable uRPF Feasible Path Mode on the interfaces that connect to my IP Transit Customers. Is it possible to enable this feature on an interface with a configured VRF in this platfo...

Not able to configure pseudowire under bridge-group

Hi, I am configuring pseudowire under l2vpn bridge-domain, but when I am commiting the configuration, getting error as below RP/0/0/CPU0:iosxrv-1(config-l2vpn-bg-bd-pw)#show configuration failedMon May  8 11:31:24.062 UTC!! SEMANTIC ERRORS: This co...

Preventing ICMP Unreachable on ACL deny

By default, IOS-XR will send an ICMP unreachable message when a packet hits an ACL deny entry. Is there any way to disable this apart from the per-interface ("ipv4 unreachables disable") which has the potential to also break PMTUD.The issue is a peer...

mmelbourne by Contributor
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Power module redundancy on ASR9910 platform

Hello,does anybody know which kind of redundancy we have on ASR9910 with AC power modules? According to the data sheet it is N+N for AC. According to a "admin show environment power" it is "Total output power capacity (N + 1) : 6000W + 6000W". So wha...

mw79 by Beginner
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