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Hi All, Referring to my attached diagram. To check how BGP loop avoidance mechanism work and where its shows basically, What I did, I have  advertise one network on the router R-2. And Based on eBGP loop prevention the router R-3 should...

tannetpro by Beginner
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Resolved! C9300 as MPLS PHP

Hello dear,Recently, while debugging an wireshark packet capture from a C9300 used as MPLS PHP, we noticed a double mpls label (transport and service label) in the frame even though in the mpls frowarding table the transport label is empty with instr...

I have ios XR router in my network and configured MPLS L3 vpn on P,PE routers. Now i want to take remote access of PE, P router thru ssh over CE router. SSH server V2 enabled on all P,PE and CE routers but unable to do ssh . While all routers are rec...

Mohd Nasir by Beginner
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Hi! I have a random LC reload on ASR9010 and we lost a lot of services on the network. Do you think we are facinf a bug or sth? Do you know the root cause of this issue or how to solve it? Attach the logs: LC/0/2/CPU0:Apr 23 10:52:24.188 CDT: prm_ser...

Hey Here !,I have the following topology consisting of 3 routers.      ->  ->   Area - 0                  Area - 0             Area - 0 I want to create a SR-TE tunnel in order to establish s-BFD. Now my issue is t...

markk2316 by Beginner
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Following config is not adding communities as under routemap.any ideas as to why.I posted some show outputs but it gets blocked as spam.  May try to add in next reply.VRF and routemap names have been changed.vrf definition xxxxcomrd 65411:1route-targ...

micfan by Beginner
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Need support to find the solution for the issue with SR policy        PE_1#sh segment-routing traffic-eng policy name TEST Name: TEST (Color: 300 End-point: : CLIStatus:Admin: up, Operational: down for 01:29:18 (since 03-26 12:12:22.2...


Hi All,I have a quick question regarding route-distinguishers.  In an ISP cloud using MP-iBGP VPNv4 to carry customer routes, do the route-distinguishers on different PE routers (each servicing the same customer at different locations) need to have t...

yuchenglai by Beginner
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