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Integrating Cisco CloudCenter 4.8 with Azure


I'm trying to integrate Cisco CloudCenter with Azure. During deployment of Application I'm getting these errors. My Orchestrator is register with CCM. What should I configure in order to overcome these errors. 

Thanks in advance.



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Saurabh Kothari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi Nayeemuddin,

From the screenshot it seems that the Azure cloud account details seem to be incorrect. Please refer to the document if not already -


Thank you,


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Saurabh Kothari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi Nayeemuddin,

From the screenshot it seems that the Azure cloud account details seem to be incorrect. Please refer to the document if not already -


Thank you,


Hi Saurabh Kothari,

Thanks for the response.

My error has been resolved, I have entered some details of Azure wrongly. Now its working fine.






Did you have any problems when you try to add the CCO when you set your azure account?

I'm getting this error when I'm try to connect with the CCO:



Error while trying to configure orchestrator. 

Reason: Error while creating/updating User Cloud Account and related artifacts on Cloud Provider. null.

But everthing seems to be ok?


Could you help me¿?



Best regards,





Please let me know how did you configure Azure for CloudCenter Integration? 
I suspect that the Azure Active Directory App (which ~ the Client ID) is not added to the resource group.



HI Saurabh,

I did like the documentation says:

When do you have to add the app to the resource group?


Hello Gabriel, 


To access resources in your subscription, you must assign the application to a role.  Let me know if you already did the following -



Hello Saurabh,

Yes, I did that part, indeed I have another application for my old version of cloudcenter (4.7) and it works ok!, I've created a new one just in cases I missed some step and still doesn't work, I attach you a pic of the applications with the owner role, the azureciscocloudcenter is the new one, and the cloudcenter is the old one (fot the v4.7 version of cc). I don't know what can be wrong. 


Gabriel, I am assuming that the Azure Credentials are correct since you have an existing working Azure integration with CloudCenter.


Can you send me the screenshot of the Deployment Environment config page. Also the CCO logs at the time when you are adding a Deployment Environment. 

SSH to CCO -


Hi  Saurabh !


The problem is that I am not even able to connect the CCO with the CCM in the Cloud Region configuration tab, thas my real problem.


I will show you the logs of the CCO when I'm trying to connect with the CCM:


# tail -f gateway.log 

2018-03-05 08:07:43,233 INFO  config.GatewayConfigController [https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-7]  - Activating gateway: mgmtServer=<CCM_IP>, cloudType=AzureLogicalis-eu-north
2018-03-05 08:07:43,233 INFO  config.GatewayConfigController [https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-7]  - pinging management server at
2018-03-05 08:07:43,713 ERROR azure.AzureClientFactory [https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-1]  - Error creating client..
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
	at com.osmosix.commons.util.SSLUtil.buildKeyStore( ~[osmosix-commons-core-4.8.2.jar!/:4.8.2]


And here is the error message in the CCM web interrface when I am trying to integrate it:



So the weird thing is that with the exact account parameters I am able to intergate the CCO and the CCm and even launch some application profiles,

Coudl it be that the new Azure VMs are installed wrong¿?


I don't know what else to try


Thanks for all the help

Best Regards,


Hi Gabriel,
is AMQP connected to CCO?

ssh to AMQP VM and run the command -
rabbitmqctl list-connections

Yes it was, I decided to delete the VMs and try to start the environment again, I did it by using the core_instaler.bin in azure, maybe i will try to use the vhd files, but for some reason when I tryied the VMs didn't deploy correctly. Any adivce¿?

Gabriel, Seems like the installation had some problem.

what commands did you use to configure CCO and AMQP using binaries?


First I used the 

./core_installer.bin centos7 azure <cco | rabbit>

and then the next:

java -jar cco-installer.jar <cco-response.xml | conn-broker.xml>

But it seems  that it installed correctly becasue then I configured both rabbitmq and cco using the 


and then I was able to see the connections,users and vhosts in the rabbitmq server.


Best regards,



Gabriel, you shouldnt be writing azure in the command -  ./core_installer.bin centos7 azure <cco | rabbit>

if you enter the following command you will see the correct options - 

./core_installer.bin help

[root@cco tmp]# ./core_installer.bin help
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Core Installer V
Usage: core_installer.bin <OS> <Cloud> <Module-type>
Supported OS : rhel6 | rhel7 | centos6 | centos7
Supported Cloud : alibaba | amazon | azurerm | azurepack | bracket | cloudn | cloudstack | google | opsource | openstack | rackspace | softlayer | vmware | vcd
Supported Module-type : ccm | ccm_sa | mgmtpostgres | cco | logcollector | rabbit | docker | <file with custom list of modules>

assuming you are using AzureRM the correct install command should be -

./core_installer.bin centos7 azurerm cco

./core_installer.bin centos7 azurerm rabbit