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ACS 4.2 no Microsoft Network Access Protection Setting, NAC Framework

I'd like to use ACS 4.2 working with win2008 HCAP, but on ACS does not show "Microsoft Network Access Protection" in the "Interface Configuration> Advanced Options>...",

there should be any protocol or any where to enable first, please advise.

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Hi aew!

I'm having the same problem. Unable to find a known bug to this. I know your post is only one day old, but did you find a solution to this already? I'll post if I find anything interesting.


Bent Ole

Hi loebennt,

I've been searching how to enable "Microsoft Network Access Protection" for a whole week, still can not find, and I'm waiting answer from a friend also.

If I have found, I'll post for you...

Hope someone help us...

Obtaining NAC/NAP

This initial NAC/NAP release is a limited offering from Cisco and Microsoft.

If your organization has an immediate need to evaluate or deploy the NAC/NAP solution in your environment, contact your Cisco sales representative.

Release Notes for NAC/NAP Interoperability Architecture 1.0

Hi Daladen,

When you finished install ACS 4.2 and you go to...

Interface configuration> Advanced Option>

can you see "Microsoft Network Access Protection Settings"

I'd to know, why my ACS4.2 does not show.

Best regards.

Dear Friends, i have same problem and a customer asking me about that.

NAC/NAP is not available today ? documentation has information about new ACS versions ??

thanks a lot.


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