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Adam Rimsky

ACS 4.x backup GUI vs. Console

Hello all, we have ACS 4.1 appliance and will do upgrade to 4.2. We need backup user database and system settings.

via Gui I am not sure what all we backed up - dmp file seems to be only encrypted user databse but it can be crypted back up file.

How is possible do complete backup of current machine (user database and system config)? Is it possible via Gui or has to be done CLI access?

And one more question. After upgrade will be on machine previous config and database or or will be appliance completelly re-imaged?

Thank you.

Jatin Katyal
Cisco Employee

You can do user and system configuration backup using the "backup now" option. It is possible via GUI.

If you use an encrypted backup file to restore ACS data, you must provide the exact password that you entered in the Encryption Password box when the backup was created.

You have to reimaged the appliance using ACS 4.2 recovery CD as it runs on 2003. Once you will be able to reiamge it, you can restore the database taken in previous step. In the below listed link step 5 and step 7 are very important.

Step 5 To restore user and group database information, check the User and Group Database check box.

Step 7 To upgrade to ACS 4.2 using the ACS 4.1 backup file check the Restore from 4.1 backup file to ACS 4.2 check  box. You use this option to upgrade to ACS 4.2 using the ACS 4.1 backup  file. The upgrade functionality is then implemented, and the user and  group databases and the system configuration will be restored.

Manually restore backup

Jatin Katyal

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