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acs 5.2 - interactive viewer grayed - how to enable?

Hi all,

silly question but I couldn't find a solution in docs or elsewhere.

When I launch Monitoring & Report Viewer and select one of the report (TACACS authorization for example) I want to filter the search with Interactive Viewer, but I can't cause all options are grayed. I've heared that some flash is needed but I've got plugins installed and nothing changed.

Could someone tell me what are the requirements for Interactive Viewer to run?

Can I run in in demo version? casue I've read that there is an add-on license which

"Add-on licenses are available to support deployments that are larger than 500 devices (AAA clients) and to support advanced monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting functionality"

Could someone tell me what are the requirements for Interactive Viewer to run?

thx for help





The behavior of the ACS Interactive Viewer varies by the actions you take in the report window.
In order to enable the advanced filter controls at the top of the ACS 5.x Monitoring & Reports window, you need to first highlight an
entry in one of the report columns (and not the column title itself)

About the add-on license, the ACS 5.x with a base license supports 500 devices but with an add-on license you can use more than 500,


can you help me please with these filtering/sorting? We are (three cisco guys:) unable to use this advanced feature (shame on us or software designer?).

Even if we read this help in docs (we can edit font style but not use filters/ungrey buttons):

" access this context menu, select a column, then right-click the colum..."

How to selcet column??

Thank you very much!



its a bit irritating but as the instruction says "just righ-click"

as example below (notice that in the first window for TACACS+ Authentication "Faulure Reason" is not highlighted.

As soon as you click the column some options are available for this one alignment and style and so on.


Example below is after cliking on the graph so other options are available

In most of my situations they are grayed out (i.e. I don't know where to use "sum"  or other icons)


I am able to do filter in catalog>user but  in catalog>AAAprotocol. Can you filter AAAprotocol>TACACS+Authentication ?

I am having the same problem. The filter option is grayed out in the interactive Radius Authetication reports view. How can I search for one single user in the reports?


This is tested on 5.3, but I'm sure 5.2 is the same.

You first  have to select interactive viewer at the top right so that you get all your filter icons listed at the top of the page

Next you have to left click once in the column you want to filter on so the whole column turns gray as pictured below, don't click on the text but just to the right of the MAC in the column.

        Next right click on the column to get the interactive menu, as shown below.


Not very intuitive I know.

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