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ACS 5.5 Export Report button

I am trying to export a report for a specific range of dates.  When I run it and view in the browser I get a maximum of 500 pages.  I have exported from that view but I still only get just the 500 pages that were in the browser view.  If the report generates more than 500 pages I can not get all the information I need.  On the same screen (see the attached image) there is also an export button to export the report directly.  However, when I click that nothing happens.  If I look at the scheduler under "Monitoring and Reports" it shows that the export completed successfully but I never see a pop-up window asking me to save the file.  What do I need to do to be able to directly export reports as needed, without having to run the report and view it in the browser first?  I also want to setup a scheduled report and have the ACS send me an email with the report on a regular basis.  It seems like it should be able to do this since all the options are there but there is an option for a "Repository" but I can not find where this is configured, and it is required for the schedule.  Any help would be appreciated.

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