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ACS controling users access on Symbol WS6000

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Level 1


i want to control manageent access to symbol Wireless Switch WS6000 with my ACS.

the issue is that i can't find the Vendor Specific Attributes forSymbol devices.

i wonder if theres a way to control it with IETF or Other Radius Attributes.

thanks in advance

Antero Vasconcelos

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Federico Ziliotto
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Antero,

This depends on the Symbol devices: if they support IETF Radius attributes (or any other Radius attribute that ACS could pass back from its dictionary), then it can definitely be done.

Moreover, ACS supports the creation of new Radius attributes. For example, for ACS 4.2 for Windows:

So you may also want to check with Symbol in case you'd need to create some specific Radius attributes that are not yet in the default ACS dictionary.



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i configured allready the radius dictionary

added an attibute admin-role as attach "Admin-Role.png" but have a problem can't add the last attibute  32768=SuperUser.

what am i doing wrong?


Antero Vasconcelos

I have found the answer from a discussion that I opened this week. Your question is exactly the same as mine and the workaround below works for both WS5100 and RFSx000 controllers!

Here is a snippet:

I can see the issue you are refering to and does appear to be a bug - will dig out if there is one and if not open

A work around would be to not use an Attribute Type of enumeration but rather an Unsigned integer

Would then need to enter the value directly in the authorization profile rather than selecting from an enumeration