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acs5.2 not displaying sh run output

Level 1
Level 1

wile I  submit the sh run command i get the below error

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0xbfe0a5cc ***

Generating configuration...

% Internal error during command execution

acs application status as below..


Process 'database'                  running

Process 'management'                running

Process 'runtime'                   not monitored

Process 'view-database'             running

Process 'view-jobmanager'           running

Process 'view-alertmanager'         running

Process 'view-collector'            running

Process 'view-logprocessor'         running

can any one help me on this OR let me know the related docs.

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Level 7
Level 7

What I can see from the applicaiton status is that the ACS runtime process is not running. No auths can talke place

Recommend to run the follwoing commands from the CLI

applicaiton stop acs    /// wait some time to complete. Can't say precisely but 10 minutes is more than enough

application start acs

Now view application status again and see if runtime is now running

If it is not you will need to contact TAC

Already done this basic steps of troubleshooting and no luck...

Any further info will be helpfull.


We (TAC) will need to look at logs, please open a case with us.

Thanks javier.

further to your information.

I tried to restart the ACS application  but the app failed to initialise. then i have reloaded the ACS still was no luck . Finally I had to reboot the entire VM and the ACS came up.

I am trying tp open a TAC through gold partner but not sure if this is under support or not.

If you let me know how to fetch the logs I can do so and post you ...

thanks in advance.