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acsview db compress

Hello all,

I performed the acsview db compress command on  an ACS 5.3. The compression was done in about 20 minutes.. I wonder about the figures however.. when I check the sizes before and aftter, I dont really see  the benefit. The size seems even larger after the compress.

Before the compress:

acsadmin(config-acs)# acsview show-dbsize

     Actual DB Size (bytes) : 3146063872

     Actual DB Size (GBs) :2.93

     Physical DB Size (bytes):3176448000

     Physical DB Size (GBs) :2.96

     Physical ACSviewlog file Size (GBs) :1.38

After compressing DB:

Actual DB Size (bytes) : 3162824704

     Actual DB Size (GBs) :2.95

     Physical DB Size (bytes):3196493824

     Physical DB Size (GBs) :2.98

     Physical ACSviewlog file Size (GBs)

can anybody explain the numbers above ?


Tarik Admani


Is this acs also the log collector. From my experience the db compress are for the monitoring database.


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Hi Tarik,

The compression was done on the primary acs , which is also the log collector. i have a deployment of two Acs,primary and secondary. I am not quite sure what you mean by monitor?


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Hi Larsen,

I am having ACS suprisingly there is no option for "acsview show-dbsize" command.

acsadmin(config-acs)# acsview show-dbbsize


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Could you please confirm ACS version..

acsadmin(config-acs)# ?

  access-setting                    Set administration access IP filtering

  acsview-db-compress           Start ACS View Database compress operation. (ACS will be shutdown for few moments)

  ad-agent-clear-cache            Set automatic clear cache for AD agent

  ad-agent-configuration           modify AD agent configuration

  ad-agent-reset-configuration   Reset AD agent configuration

  database-compress              Start ACS Database compress operation.(ACS will be shutdown for few moments)

  debug-adclient                      Active directory client debug

  debug-log                             Set debug log level per component

  ethernet-interface                 change ethernet-interface configuration

  exit                                    Exit from the appliance interface.

  export-data                         Export Utility

  import-data                             Import Utility

  import-export-abort                     abort import export processes

  import-export-status                    status of import export processes

  no                                      Negate any command

  replication                             Replication control command

  replication_status                      Replication status command

  reset-management-interface-certificate  Sets the management Interface certificate to a default self signed certificate

  show                                    Show system settings

Thanks .

This is available after installing patch or a later patch

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