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AMD processors for the 36xx ISE virtual appliance

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



My customer is asking if, instead of servers based on Intel Xeon processors running as the underlying HW supporting ISE virtual appliances, if they could use servers based on AMD 7551P processors.

They are looking to scope the servers providing their virtualization service so that they can host 36xx series equivalent virtual appliances.

I would think using AMD processors should be fine, as long as the number of physical cores and CPU speed match those of the Intel Xeon ones, but I am looking for confirmation.


Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Yes as long as your hyper visor supports the hardware then ise support the hypervisor. Match CPU resources accordingly

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we run 12xPSN and 4XAD,MON in virtual enviroment Dell ESXI hosts on intel. however, we have put these host resource not to be shared with other host but only for these virtual appliances. also to mention we gave more than resources /extra cpu according to our cisco recommandations. we are working fine now issue version 2.2 since year March 2018.

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Thanks, Sheraz!


However, I am not sure how that relates to my question, which is about using AMD processors instead of Intel, while uou mention you deployed ISE virtual appliances on top of Intel-based servers...


Hi giosif.


i did understand you question. and i was giving you an example of our setup. could i suggest if as an example PSN require according to cisco official guide line for standard deployment spec where the need for 4xCPU. you can implement 6xCPU for AMD.

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Hi Sheraz,


Ok, I now understand what you were trying to say.

Sure, adding in more resources is something we can evaluate (as a "safety" measure), but I am looking to understand what the "official" stance is here.


I did a quick search and only document i found is this where they mention about AMD on KVM setup.


could not any other doc where they have outline what are the spec of AMD running ISE.

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Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Yes as long as your hyper visor supports the hardware then ise support the hypervisor. Match CPU resources accordingly

@Jason KunstI was looking the cisco documentation in regards to ISE install. they only mentioned the CPU. which make sense as i guess cisco ISE team is aware of intell and AMD as an example i have enclosed the attachment as a reference.


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Thank you for your help, Sheraz!


We only care about underlying hardware when ISE is run directly on bare metal (UCS appliance). Otherwise it doesn't matter to us. Just give us the resources called out

I get that but, at the same time, I seem to remember Intel and AMD have different approaches to their specific CPU architecture/topology (e.g. from distant memory, the way the CPU interfaces with RAM; also, they way the L3 cache is accessed).

And, for multi-core CPU's we are looking at here, the above may be even more relevant.


Or maybe I'm just left with scars from the distant past, where an AMD CPU running @300 MHz wasn't quite the same as an Intel one running at the same speed.


I would recommend you try to match as close as possible to physical specs per manufacturer recommendation.

More information can be found in the following sources

Thank you, Jason!