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Automate actions in ACS 5


I wanted to know how to automate actions in ACS 5. In many areas of the UI, we can either create new entries or import many entries with csv files. I wanted to know if it is possible to automate these actions such that the ACS, at regular basis, automatically import new and updated csv files. This will allow to keep the ACS synchronized with other database or files generated by other tools.

Is there a way to script on ACS to do that ?

Thanks a lot,


Bastien Migette
Cisco Employee

Hello David,

The only way I see to do so is to use a SSH script, you can use expect script for example.

To import/export data through CLI, type acs-config and use your GUI credentials:

Then you can use the command import-data.

See the reference here:

Hope this help.

Hello Bastien,

Thanks a lot for that info that I was not aware of.

However, this does not solve my problem because what I would like to import by script is a list of End Station Filters. It seems this choice is not present in the import-data command, am I right ? Is there a way import lists of pairs of MAC Addresses ? The GUI shows the button "Replace from File" but is there a command to do the same in CLI ?

Thank you very much,

With my best regards.

Hi David,

Unfortunately as far as I know this is know possible. I checked the programming guide, and it seems mac addresses in end station filters is not an object that is importable:

The only option I see here is to make a pseudo web client which would interact with ACS thru HTTP, but this could be a bit long to develop.



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