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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi Team,I have a customer who is adding his guest users into registered endpoints group as part of their CWA flow. Later on based on if the MACaddress is part of this registered endpoint group they are provided access.Here are the authz rules :When u...

pangadi by Cisco Employee
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Hi,does anyone has a configuration example in order to use ECC ciphers with ACS 5.8. I noticed patch 4 support ECC for AAA flows, but i am looking for a guide and/or example in order to use it for EAP-TLS authentication.thanks in advance!Best Regards...

berossig by Cisco Employee
  • 4 replies
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Hi,  I've got an interesting request from a customer today.  They are using their guest portal for both regular guest users and employees. They would like the employees to connect only once to the portal and then be connected automatically... easy, y...

jdal by Cisco Employee
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! ISE ports

Hi AllI am little confused on the port number 8905 for ISE communication, can you help meThe administration guide says the ISE node is discovered on port 80 first & then on port 8905. If the port 80 discovery goes fine, will the anyconnect still try ...

Hi Team, Could you please let us know how quickly ISE gets an update about patches if, for example,Microsoft is publishing a new patch?I guess, this depends on OPSWAT, and I see ISE can initiate an update in every hour from backend system, but I cann...

gacs by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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All,The attached picture is of an endpoint in my customer's system.  You can see that the endpoint has been in there for 600+ days but the inactive days is 0.  There is no selected authorization profile so most likely this device has never authentica...

paul by Level 10
  • 3 replies
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What are the parameters other than CPU, Memory and Storage that should be monitored on Cisco ISE in order to do capacity planning effectively. Currently ISe 3395 with version 1.4 is active in the production environment in distributed deployment mode.

kmittal by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I recently activated the alarms in ISE 2.0 and seems to work fine. But I´m receiving an "High Load Average" alarm I cannot undertand. The description says: Description : The ISE system is experiencing high load average.The load average number rep...

alberx by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Hi all,my customer is looking for a way to export all within ISE configured dACLs to hand them off to for example a security auditor for review.Could not find anything in API or on the GUI to do this tak. Am I missing something?Thanks in advance.Rola...