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Can't authenticate from Windows XP?

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I am able to connect using the VPN Dialer, and can see our corporate intranet via Internet Explorer, but cannot see any network resources. I am running Windows XP at home and suspect it has something to do with authentication.

My login name at home is dif't than my work login, so to test this theory, I created another user on my home computer and assigned the same username/password as my work computer. Still didn't work.

Does the fact that I'm running a workgroup network at home and am log into a domain at work matter?

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Level 1
Level 1

We are having a similar problem with our VPN access. We are able to connect and ping resources, but cannot connect to any of them. It is just a Windows XP problem here, with our Windows 2000 machines we have no problem connecting and mapping resources at all.

We are connecting from home with the same Domain username and password on machines that are added to the domain, so there should not be any authentication problems whatsoever. It seems to be an XP communication problem (protocol) or something.

If anyone has any idea what the problem could be please help.