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Cisco Any connect System Scan issue

I have been using Cisco Any Connect in recent days.

I usually connect to VPN and system scan used to work properly.

But today, i am able to connect VPN but System scan is not working.

Its stating like "Bypassing Any Connect Scan...Your network is configured to use Cisco NAC agent".


Can someone help me to fix!!!

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I would double check your client provisioning policy. It sounds like you are possibly no longer matching the conditions. Or connectivity between you (once on VPN) to ISE is being blocked.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Raise a TAC case . you will have to collect anyconnect dart files to check the communication between client and ISE

Hi Avin,
Please how did you resolve this case cos I am having exactly the same issue only that I have ISE 2.6.
I already configured the rules and policies, installed the anyconnect on the workstation but ISE keeps showing:

13:37:37 Ready
13:37:37 Initializing.
13:37:37 Searching for policy server.
13:37:47 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:37:49 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:37:57 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:02 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:06 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:08 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:19 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:24 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:40 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.
13:38:45 Bypassing AnyConnect scan.

Your network is configured to use Cisco NAC Agent.

I am facing this issue now after the Mac OS Big Sur update to 11.5.2


Someone please help pn this.


Please double check your posture policy matching conditions or share a screenshot of your posture policy.  Bypassing scan typically means that you are not hitting (matching) a posture policy.  @Rizwan123 check specifically under: Policy->Posture->posture policy you want it to match->Operating Systems: to see what you have configured.  I am guessing that you dont have 11.5 configured for support.  HTH!

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