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Cisco Ise Central Web authentication not working


Hello Guys,

CWA is not working. It says that authentication suceeded but posture status is pending. No error in my Monitor--authentication. Checking it in my Windows 7, it does not shows the CWA portal.

What might be the possible problem of this.?



Nicolas Darchis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There are a lot of possible causes.

Are you doing CWA over wired or wireless ?

can you post a screenshot of your authorization policy on ISE ? your switch config ?

btw, posture status is unrelated. It can stay pending and everything to work fine.


I am doing it in wired. Anyways, solve it already, I used the cisco configuration from cisco. Now, I will be doing the wireless CWA.

Anyways, thanks for the reply.



are you able to share how this was fixed  i am getting the same problem...which document did yo use.

i have followed the doc to the dot. the only other theing i can think of is that i hav got profiling on.CoA is set to re-auth

i pass mab, get to the guest portal, log in using guest credentials, but then i dont get a new IP in the guest vlan. my ip address on the switch logs remain in the data vlan, it should change to a guest vlan.

Naveen Kumar

Here is a best document for Central Web Authentication (CWA) for guests with ISE, Please check:

Ravi Singh
Rising star
Rising star
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