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CISCO ISE integrate with checkpoint using Tacacs+


We are in the process of integrating cisco ISE with Checkpoint using Tacacs+.
We have configured and able to authenticate successfully, but having issue with authorization.



Currently configured in device:


Checkpoint Config:

  1. HostName> add rba role TACP-0 domain-type System readwrite-features tacacs_enable
  2. HostName> add rba role TACP-15 domain-type System all-features
  3. HostName> add aaa tacacs-servers priority 1 server <IP_ADDRESS_of_ISE_SERVER> key <KEY> timeout 5
  4. HostName> set aaa tacacs-servers state on
  5. HostName> set aaa tacacs-servers user-uid 0



Cisco ISE:

Custom attributes:

Type= MANDATORY Name = CheckPoint-SuperUser-Access Value=1



we need to create two roles 'TACP-0' and 'TACP-15' but how do we map this on the TACACS+ server.

Tried searching related KB article in cisco as well as in checkpoint but no luck. can anyone suggest me solution regarding this.

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VIP Guru VIP Guru
VIP Guru

Not great experience i had same, the read-only we have created Local Checkpoint, admin will use ISE as remidation we did.


R80 we are using, since we had only 2 users, not much bother to look later to fix the issue, since more of our admin working with ISE and LDAP auth.


check this may help you :


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