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EAP_chaining - ISE 1.4 - anyconnect 3.1.11004 issue

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Level 1

Hi all

I am trying to deploy a new eap chaining authentication for machine and user authentication with certificate.


Tunnel EAP_FAST and authentication EAP_TLS


I would like to perform 4 policies:

Machine and user has the certificate: It is working

Machine has the certificate and user not: It is ok.

Machine not have certificate and user has the cert. It is working too.


But when machine and user not have the certificate, anyconnect is trying EAP_PEAP.

My profile is not set to use EAP_PEAP.


11001  Received RADIUS Access-Request
11017  RADIUS created a new session
15049  Evaluating Policy Group
15008  Evaluating Service Selection Policy
15048  Queried PIP - DEVICE.Wired
15048  Queried PIP - Radius.Service-Type
15048  Queried PIP - Radius.NAS-Port-Type
15004  Matched rule - wired_test
11507  Extracted EAP-Response/Identity
12100  Prepared EAP-Request proposing EAP-FAST with challenge
12625  Valid EAP-Key-Name attribute received
11006  Returned RADIUS Access-Challenge
11001  Received RADIUS Access-Request
11018  RADIUS is re-using an existing session
12301  Extracted EAP-Response/NAK requesting to use PEAP instead
12303  Failed to negotiate EAP because PEAP not allowed in the Allowed Protocols
11504  Prepared EAP-Failure
11003  Returned RADIUS Access-Reject  


Do you have any idea about it ?







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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you post screen shots of the NAM profile?

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