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Guest with device type drop-list list

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

A customer of mine is looking for their guest to register their device(s) and during this process have them select from a pre-defined list of endpoint-group. For instance, Guest one will go through the login on process similar before a guest is granted access to the network but during this stage they will be prompted to register there device and one of the selection available to them is drop-down and select IPhone or Android, etc.

Is there a custom script that can be use in ISE that can facilitate this process?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Could I reference the device type in the drop-down to sub-groups under the "Registered Device" under the endpoint group? The idea is that when the user register their device manually and select for instance Android it will insert the MAC address for the endpoint inside the sub-group Android under registered device.

I do not think that possible, if we are talking about guest self-registration.

Each guest type may have only one endpoint group for device registration. Each guest portal may have only one guest type for self-registered users.

iPhone/Android is captured in User-Agent attribute so perhaps you may opt to use profiling to influence the policy decisions.

You would need to have a portal that would have a pull down that would send the user to a different hotspot portal depending on which endpoint group which has . There would be multiple hotspot portals depending on your needs

It doesn’t seem like the best approach or make sense really as its complicated flow.

Recommend looking at doing profiling with different authorization rules

What exactly is your ultimate need?

Maybe you could do this using a custom web page and leverage the API to make the group assignment. There are multiple ways to implement, but possibly the guest self registration success page redirects them to the custom page that asks them to select the endpoint group to assign to or maybe the self registration assigns the user to the “unassigned” endpoint group and then the subsequent authorization redirects “unassigned” group members to the custom page that asks the user to select an endpoint group. Just some thoughts.


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