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how to configure ISE alarm email notification (ver 2.2) properly?


Hi, i need some help with this config, i already read several books, other posts and the administration guide but i'm not entirely sure how to enable the ISe to send alarm notifications, since there isn't any place where to put the sender email and password


I want to make ise to send email alerts over a gmail account, and i only can see the smtp server configuration, but i can't see where to configure the credentials for the email addres from which the alarms have to be sent, i also found the alarm setting from where i can configure the sender, but not the password


after the smtp server configuration, what is the next step in order to configure these email alerts with gmail? 


the CCNP Security SISE book is not entirely clear with this particular config


i also read the topic in the link:

Cisco Identity Services Engine Administrator Guide, Release 2.2 - Administer Cisco ISE [Cisco Identity Services Engine] - Cisco 


but it seems that the information is not complete


If anyone can help me with this i will be eternally grateful

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Arne Bier
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
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Hi @joseaperez 


You can only specify one FROM address for all alarm events



As for the gmail question - that's a bit harder. Because ISE 2.2 doesn't support any form of SMTP authentication, I only succeeded in sending ISE emails to an unauthenticated gmail mail agent (you can google the address) and then the recipient HAD to be a valid gmail address. You could not send to any other email domain.

If you have Office365 then you can send to an MX record that your O365 has setup.

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