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how to study chapter 25, network access control in CCNP ENCOR book ?

I am a fresh graduate of communication and electronics engineering , I am new to the networking . 4 months ago i decided to learn networking , i finished CCNA from the Official cert guide.
and now i am in chapter 25 in CCNP ENCOR book which is about securing network access control.
in this chapter it`s all about cisco solutions for security and how they are trying to provide security solutions to protect network devices and endpoints. 
These solutions are not straightforward in explanation and presented and described with difficult terms.
I finished the part about the Network Access Control which describes how endpoints can authenticate through multiple authentication methods like 802.1x , MAB and webauth.
but before that part i can`t grasp these solutions because I don`t have a security background , is there any solution(i prefer not to be a cisco solution haha) that help me to understand that part of security solutions provided by CISCO? 
Thank you in advance..

VIP Expert

i will advise to start with "CompTIA Security+ Certification Training" this give more of basic idea


There are many videos available in google gove you basics of security which cover not only cisco many  security aspects.


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Martin L
VIP Advocate


there was nothing about Security in recent CCNA exam?  maybe older version of CCNA Security book will help you.

Best of luck!


Over at NetAcad they have a couple of FREE cyber courses\


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