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How to use ISE Guest Portal for AD users

Hi there,

As  subject explains all, I want to use ISE Guest Portal for my domain  users. I have tried many different ways to authenticate users and  finally I came to the conclusion that ISE CWA works pretty well and is  very stable. WLC Webauth sucks alot, does not redirect to the login page  always.

Can  you please share what other ways are stable ways to authenticate AD  users? I know about WPA 802.1x authentication but that requires a CA in  the network which is not available at the moment. So can you please  Suggect?

Otherwise,  I want to use ISE Guest Portal for my AD users as well. AD is already  integrated to ISE, the issue happens when I attempt to athenticate using  AD user account, the user gets authenticated but the Guest Portal  redirects me to Device Provissioning page and there it shows an error  saying "there is not policy to register the device, contact system  admin"

Am I missing something??

I am running WLC 5760 with ISE 1.2

Thanks in advance..

Tarik Admani


Can you post a screenshot of your current policies? Also for 802.1x authentication although it is best practices you do not have to have an internal CA to make this solution work. You can disable the option to "validate server certificate" or you can use a trusted CA to sign the certificate for the eap interface.

In most cases 802.1x is the method to go because it provides dynamic authentication without forcing users to redirected to a web page multiple times throughout the day, scenarios such as computers that sleep or users that are mobile will not have connectivity until they redirect to the portal if one of the scenarios exist. You also gain WPA encryption on your WLAN, if you are using strictly layer 3 web auth you run into issues where encryption is not used and rely on encryption from the application as your method of data integrity and security.


Tarik Admani
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