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i don't see pop up of web client or ca agent when i connec a client


I follow all step for configuration  oob vg deploymet , i    have  one HA of CAM and HA of CAS on 4.9 release, the CAS was added to the CAM

also i  created  group  mapping vlans untrusted to trusted , switch profile, port profile i selected a ports that i want to manage for CAM but when i connect a client machine  not occur nothing

i dont know what it's the problem

due is this is my first installation on this technology

anyone have some ideas

Tarik Admani


Are the clients L2 adjacent, or L3 hop away. If L2:

  • Think if the CAS as a transparent firewall, where two vlans are bridged.
  • Check managed subnet configuration, use an unused ip on the same subnet with arp requests tagged on the untrusted vlan
  • Make sure there is not SVI on the clients initial vlan
  • Make sure that the interfaces on the CAS are trunking or are on the same vlan as the client
  • Make sure that the vlan mapping feature is correct and the spanning tree is forwarding the right vlans on the correct interfaces.
  • Issue a show mac address table | inc H.H.H and verify that the mac address appears from two interfaces but on different vlans, one from the untrusted vlan on the port or uplink to the switch where the CAS is connected, and the other on the trusted vlan where the trusted interface of the CAS is connected.


Tarik Admani
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