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Infoblox IPAM and ISE integration

Level 5
Level 5

Hello All,

I am in the middle of doing an integration of Infoblox and ISE.

I have been following this document here:

As per this document, there are a few pre-requisites and the below are the ones that are available on the test instance:

• NIOS 8.2 or later : Current version we are using is 8.2.1

• Grid master and Grid members: Yes.

• Network Insight member: No license

• VNIOS license if using VNIOS. : Yes

• DNS license: No License

• DHCP license: No License

• RPZ license : No License

• Discovery license: No License

• MS Management license if using Grid to manage MS servers: Yes

• Threat protection license if using PT appliance: No License

My query is that, are these enough to test the integration of ISE with Infoblox?

What should I be expecting in with the above?

Has anyone done this integration before?

Any pointers would be helpful

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
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