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ISE 1.2 configuration issues


Fellow ISE users,

We are standing up a new ISE instance using ISE1.2 on VM's.  We already have another one for a dedicated purpose on 1.1 and had no issues like what I am seeing here.

Issue one = unable to register nodes to the deployment, it keeps telling me to check server and CA certificate.  I have loaded a CA cert from our internal microsoft CA server, same server I used in the other deployment and the servers accept it.  Also when browsing to it https comes up with no errors so it seems to be working for https, not sure on EAP.  Ideas?

Issue two = unable to find any groups in our AD a search brings back nothing.  I was able to join it to our AD domain and it shows green, but none of the attempts to bring in a group have worked, again have done this a bunch with our 1.1 deployment so I know how it works.  Ideas?

Anyway I do have a TAC case open on this but trying to get it resolved quickly due to some internation travel coming up where I will need deploy it.      

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Hi James

What Timeline you Set up the Node? I got some very wird Troubles when not selecting UTC. Try to change back to UTC, verify ntp Sync and try again.

For the ad issue: verify if Reverse DNS Zone is defined for the ise Node and reverse lookup Works. I had the Same issue...

Hope this helps! Have fun...

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Muhammad Munir


When you deploy Cisco ISE in a standalone, or in a distributed environment for the first time, you are prompted to run the setup utility to configure the Cisco ISE appliance. Here, you will configure the Domain Name System (DNS) domain and the primary nameserver (primary DNS server), where you can configure one primary nameserver, and one or more nameservers during setup. You can also change, or add DNS nameservers later after deploying Cisco ISE using the CLI commands. For more information please go through this link:

Venkatesh Attuluri
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Cisco Employee

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