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ISE 1.2 - Error 12929 NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently

We are currently running Cisco ISE 1.2, and every day under the "Misconfigured Network Devices" section on the main ISE Page, I have a huge list of different devices that are all being flagged with the following error message:


"12929 NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently." " NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently
Verify NAS configuration. Verify known NAS issues."


The list of devices seems to all be Cisco switches; albeit different models, IOS versions, ect.  


i have searched on this issue, and the closest thing to a fix I can find is that it would be fixed in a WLC update, but that was 9 months ago.    I would like to know what causes this issue, and what needs to be altered in ISE, or on the switches to resolve this.


Thank You.



Good morning all,

I resolved the issue by disabling the "Interim Update" from my WLAN radius settings. No more errors after that. This has be done on all the WLANs.



Hi, could you disable it without any interruptions on the WLAN? And do you know what interim updates are for and what consequences it has if you just turn it off?? Thanks in advance!! regards


Hi Rene,

 I disabled this without seeing any drop on my WLANs, however, I can't assure you that this will be the same with you. So I caution you against doing this during operation. I suggest that you do this during a maintenance window.

You can read more about Interim Update here:

Although I don't think is really need this enabled.



Ok, thanks very much!



There is no Cisco approved fix for the issue in the thread.


Seeing same issue on NAD cisco WS-C4503 using ISE Version:


Is the recommended fix to modify AAA on the NAD?


ie with: 

(config)#aaa accounting update periodic


(config)#aaa accounting update newinfo





Still seeing these messages on the daily from a WS-C4506, SUP2+ WS-X4013+ on 15.0(2)SG9.

The ISE environment is currently 2.3; installing Patch 1 tonight.

The exact error message I see in the Misconfigured NAS ISE details is:
'12929 NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently'

Hi all, I was having the same issue with a load of IP camera's connected to our network, I found out that the camera's were hard coded to 100 full duplex, by ammending the config on the switch to 100 full instead of auto neg the issue has gone away, could this be a layer 2 negotiation issue between devices, could some of you try where you are having problems and let me know if it helps

I have since tested this on older 100mb cisco phones and this also fixed the problem




There are countless reasons for this alarm to be triggered. In your case, you could debug radius or do a packet capture on the switch to see what you endpoints were doing prior to the change.

Unless it's thousands per day from the same device, then most just ignore it.
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