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ISE 2.1 Patch 3- Dashboard Metrics Blank


We recently upgraded from ISE 1.4 to 2.1 an applied Patch 3.  We have a 2-Node Deployment.  Since the upgrade, the dashboard metric for Active Endpoints and Authenticated Guests are blank showing zero.  I have  TAC case open, but was wondering if anyone else has ran into this issue.


Venkatesh Attuluri
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

check this bug details

Does not look like our same problem.  The bug report says it's fixed in 2.1, which we are running and have the issue still.

Known Fixed Releases:

We ran into the same issue.   See CSCva56322.

Your may need to update your certs to include the IP address of the node in the SAN field.

Thanks.  We do not actually get an internal server error, other than it stating no data found.  It shows the data for a brief second, then says no data found.  See below.  What exactly did you have to do to resolve this?

We had to generate new admin certificates for each node in the deployment.  

Admin-->Certificates-->System Certificates-->select your node-->generate self signed cert -->  and then in the SAN field of the form put in the IP address of that node.

I had run into that bug a few times.  There has not been any issue since redoing the certs.

We just generated new certs, with the IP address in the SAN field but it did not resolve the issue.  This was also the recommendation from TAC.  Same issue.  

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