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ISE 2.6 "Alarms: Active Directory not joined"

Does anyone else keep getting these Critical Alarms in ISE 2.6 Patch 2


"Alarms: Active Directory not joined"


Every 1.5 hours we get this alarm but there are no Details attached as to indicate what AD server is having the issue connecting .




Nadia Bbz

hey @x00008037 ;


really your ISE is not joined in Active directory

when you click administration -> Identity Management -> External Identity Sources -> Active Directory

you click to your ise node, the status of ISE node is operational or not joined ??

if is operational it's okay you have no problem with you active directory

Seeing this same problem with ISE 2.6 Patch 2 and I have confirmed both my nodes are domain joined.


This has included removing and rejoining the CLI to the domain for authentication, followed by removing and joining the GUI. Login with domain accounts to both nodes CLI or GUI works as expected, the status says "Operational" for both nodes, testing a User also works, all AD groups are retrievable.


So I am thinking there may be a bug that is incorrectly reporting the issue.  Anyone else ideas???

Out of interest how often do you see the Critical Alarm appear?


The alarm I get is every 1.5 hours on cue is this the same for you ?



Yes, 1.5 hours also.

Hopefully applying Patch 3 later today, so I will see if that happens to fix the issue. I will provide a reply here after if it does or not.


OK, after applying Patch 3 and going through a "Leave Domain" then "Join Domain" process, I am still getting the error at 1.5 hour intervals...

sounds dodgy,


I dont think its causing issues but hard to tell. nobody has complained.


Time to call tac i think

Cisco Employee

I am not finding it as an existing issue. Thus, please open a TAC case to troubleshoot.

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