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ISE DHCP automatic renew dont work on the browser

ISE v1.2

I use wired and wireless (WLC 7.2)

Normaly when GUEST user connect he get IP in the default VLAN, he is redirected and he enter his login and password

Then the VLAN guest is puched, his IP is renewed and he get new IP in GUEST vlan

But in my case I must perform ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew manualy by cly on the computer

It is not done automatycaly on the browser(mozilla 26.0 and internet explorer 11.0.9600, I have activated java and activex

What is the issue, why DHCP renew ip is not donne automaticaly ?

Please help

Venkatesh Attuluri
Cisco Employee

check delay to release,delay to CoA ,delay to renew  setting

delay to release time should be low since it needs to occur  immediately  after the applet is downloaded and before the Cisco ISE  server directs  the NAD to re-authenticate with a CoA request. The  default release  value is 1 second.

the delay to CoA delays the Cisco ISE from executing the CoA. Here,   enough time should be given to allow the applet to download and perform   the IP release on the client. The default value is 8 seconds.

The delay to renew value is added to the IP release value and does not   begin timing until the control is downloaded. The renew should be given   enough time so that the CoA is allowed to process and the new VLAN   access granted. The default value is 12 seconds.

You mean you are using "Enable Agent IP refresh after VLAN change" setting?


and this ip renewal should be automatic


Naveen Kumar

Check the "Enable Agent IP refresh after VLAN change" parameter to refresh the Windows client IP address in both wired and wireless environments for MAB with posture.

To ensure the Mac OS X client IP address is refreshed when the assigned  VLAN changes, this parameter is required for Mac OS X client machines  accessing the network via the native Mac OS X supplicant in both wired  and wireless environments.

Note When you use the "Enable Agent  IP refresh after VLAN change" option, Cisco ISE sends "DHCP release  delay" and "DHCP renew delay" settings (as specified below) instead of  using the "Network transition delay" setting used for Windows Agent profiles. If you do not use the "Enable Agent  IP refresh after VLAN change" option, Cisco ISE sends "Network  transition delay" timer settings to client machines, but Cisco ISE will  not send both.

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