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ISE install/upgrade question

I have an ISE 3395 appliance that comes with ISE version 1.1.1.

I've decided to upgrade it to version 1.1.2 patch 5 (latest patch version) and played with it for a few days.  I set it up as a stand-alone box.

Now, I need to deploy this box as administration and monitoring.  So, I put in the command "application reset-factory" to set it back to factory.

Does it mean the ISE version of this box will still be at version 1.1.2 patch 5 and I will get a clean box to do whatever I want, similar to Cisco IOS of "write erase" and "reload" to have a clean box?

Thank you in advance.

Tarik Admani


The command you reference only wipes the configuration done through the GUI. You will have to reimage the appliance if you want to downgrade. You will lose your licenses and certificates if you run this command, and will have to reset the database passwords.


Tarik Admani
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1- I do NOT want to downgrade.  I want to stay at version 1.1.2 patch 5. 

2- I realize that I will "lose" everything with the "application reset-factory" and I am "fine" with that.  I want to start fresh from version 1.1.2 patch-5 and "reset" everything.

Bottom line, will the box start fresh from version 1.1.2 patch-5?


That is correct, the box will keep the same version and the box will be set to factory defaults (except all network related commands).

The command you are looking for is application reset-config.


Tarik Admani
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what do you mean by "except all network related commands"?


The command "application reset-config" is used to :

To reset the Cisco ISE application configuration and clear the Cisco ISE  database, use the application reset-config command in the EXEC mode.

You can use the application reset-config command to reset the Cisco ISE  configuration and clear the Cisco ISE database without reimaging the  Cisco ISE appliance or VMware, and reset the Cisco ISE database  administrator and user passwords. So you will have your version 1.1.2  with patch 5 intact even after using this command.

The network related commands which will remain unaffected are the  initial chassis configuration settings like the IP address, netmask,  administrator user interface password, and so on.) Part of this reset  function requires you to enter new Cisco ISE database administrator and  user passwords.

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