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ISE multi-portal

Mathieu Sturm

I want to make another guestportal because the default one's language is incorrect. You can change the language of the sponsor portal quite easily but for the guestportal you have to adjust the html pages. I tried this but couldn't get the layout correct.

Is there a package available with better html pages and/or instructions?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately there isn't a nice/packaged portal samples. You will have to use the sample HTML code that was provided in the guides. I heard that this might be changing in 1.2 but I will believe it when I see it. I personally have struggled with this myself but found the following site very useful: (learned way more about HTML than I ever wanted to )

Thanks for rating!

I managed to edit a few pages but am stuck now on the SelfServiceSubmit.action page. I change the language in my html page but the text keeps coming in english for some reason. I deleted a few fields as well (the optional data fields) in the html but they appear as well. Is this hardcoded in the ISE?

Nonetheless it is strange that you can edit the sponsor portal quite easily but the guest portal is a pain in the ass

Thanks in advance

I haven't had to make a custom self-registration form/portal yet but according to Cisco's sample HTML document it appears that it is possible. If you want, zip up your portal file and post it here and I can take a look. Again, I am not good with HTML but will be willing to try 

Hello Mathieu-

Were you able to make any progress on this?

Well, I left the fields as they were because they are hardcoded and cannot be edited. Today I tried to use the guest portal with my WLC but ran in some troubles. The url of the guestportal ends like this:


But when you use it with a WLC there are some arguments added. You'll get this:


The problem is that your browser or the ise is searching for a portal called: nameofguestportal?

Accompagnied by the questionmark the ise can't locate the portal and uses the default one.

I have another problem: there is a requiered file: "guest success file" but I couldn't find this in the delivered html pages  by cisco.

For your issue #1:

I think you have the URL incorrect. It should be in the following format:


Where the customportalname is the name of the portal exactly how you configured it in ISE. Also, on a side note, what WLC are you using?

For your issue #2

Look harder In ISE Usser Guide 1.1.1 just search for "Successful Guest Login Form" and that should take you to the sample HTML code

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