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JAMF cloud and ISE.

So, we have been using an on-prem JAMF appliance without issue. This is run by another team and they let the cert expire on Feb 27th as they were planning to move to the cloud. I just found this out yesterday. Apparently ISE must keep the last known state if it can't use the MDM luckily otherwise this would have hit the fan last week. Anyway, they just spun up the cloud instance last night so I have had to try to get this working in production....yay.

So, this is the issues I'm running into.

I no longer get a popup window to the redirect portal. I can have a user open safari and go to the jamfcloud URL and get redirected. From here is seems to be 2-5min for ISE to get the compliant status.


So, my question is anyone have any idea why it's not poping up the redirect portal, or a way to make the check-in faster? We have 3Gb internet, so I know it's not bandwidth. I know the ACL on the WLC should limit to the destination, but jamfcloud is anywhere in AWS and an Air-OS ACL is limited to 64 lines.

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