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Need help to fix script for customising "Credentialed Portal as a Hotspot"

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I am working on SR 680582689 .

Cu is implementing Hotspot portal and the project is going live this Saturday.


Hotspot flow isn't seamless and once authenticated , the user is disconnected from WiFi. Then user has to manually connect back again.

Cu was not happy with Apple experience for users.

Hence we talked about this and then we went ahead with guest however with customization.



- Hotspot button on Credentialed Portal (hiding embedded creds):

- Credentialed Portal as a Hotspot

Ø  Currently we have put in JavaScript's in the Login page and Success page.

Ø  Script on the Login page basically gives user only hotspot button to click. However in the background , it is taking a hard coded username and password to login and provide access.

Ø  For the user , experience is same as hotspot.

However with this scenario , there is a limit for maximum number of devices guest can register which is 999.

This customer has around 2000 customers in network.

Hence we need to implement multiple accounts script as in pmbu-wiki link.

There is some mistake in that script , it doesn't run as expected.

I have tried multiple permutations and combinations.

Ultimate aim is to get a hotspot button for user. In background , it will randomly choose between multiple guest accounts and login.

User will then accept AUP , click Continue and get access.

Thanks and regards

Priyanka Agrawal

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Accepted Solutions

Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

IT sounds like customer has a problem with the default action of hotspot COA disconnect

this should be fixed in ISE 2.1 patch 1 under CSCut93791

what release is customer working on?

please bring up this question under the internal community and we can discuss further

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I believe the scenario you describe is also published in the Communities as ISE Guest Web Auth Portal with Get Quick Access (Hotspot) button.

As Jason documented there:

Please keep in mind that support for these are best effort with no guarantees are they not built-in flows.

We provide scripts as-is to demonstrate potential customization but we do not guarantee them to work like Supported, built-in flows in the product. For custom software solutions, the customer should engage a partner or Cisco's Advanced Services.