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NSP issue in ISE BYOD scenario


Hi all;

Happy holidays and upcoming new year. I'm practicing BYOD and trying to use NSP (Native Supplicant Provisioning) for a lab pc (win7 PC). After connecting to the SSID, I'm redirected to BYOD portal which wants me accept AUP and add a name and description for device registration. Cisco Network Assistant downloaded onto PC and I ran it. It started but after a while, it failed showing "Cisco secure access configuration for the TE-LIMIT network failed" message. I opened "%temp%\spwProfileLog.txt"file to see installation logs. It said that it couldn't install the certificate thus ending the wizard. I think it would be good to mention ISE configuration for more clarity:


  • I have a separate internal CA in my network and ISE obtained a certificate from that CA; so I am connected to the ISE securely from my management PC (not the PC which is being used on the lab).ise3.jpg



  • I created a native supplicant profile "TISE-NSP"as shown below and I edited SSID to be the same as my test SSID which is used by lab pc. The certificate temple configuration is pasted too:ise4.jpg







  • I used default authorization policies: ise2.jpg



  • and at the end, I created a wireless profile manually on my Win 7 lab pc withthese properties:  SSID: TE-LIMIT;; Security Type: WSA2-Enterprise;; PEAP with disabled "Validate Server Certificate" option;; Authentication mode: Only user authentication. 
  • ISE and lab PC are both members of internal domain (xinmix.local).
  • My lab pc has access to the ISE and I can ping ISE IP address throughout the lab while I'm connected with SSID "TE-LIMIT". There is no firewall between ISE and lab PC. I just route traffic between them by a Cisco router. 
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I’m having the same problem on Wired BYOD dot1x ISE. Anyone have any suggestions?


I am having same issue on Wired BYOD scenario.anyone know fix ?




Isn't there anyone who has an idea or resolution about this issue?

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