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Wired 802.1x With Static IP on endopoints

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Hi all


Someone know if a 802.1x implementation with Cisco ISE, works with static IP in the endpoints or there are any issue in this deployment?

I have a lab deployment but does not work fine with a static IP in the client (laptop) but when i work with DHCP works fine.


The authentication and authorization process in ISE is successfull, and the port status in switch is AUTHORIZED, the VLAN assignment is right.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I have deployed ISE in the past with static IPs and did not have any issues as long as the VLAN that was being assigned to the port matches the VLAN that the subnet of the static IP resides in. 

What is the behavior of the endpoint and what issues are you seeing?


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I have another issue. On my subnet, there is 1 IP that make authorization failed. But, if i change to another IP address, it's normal.

I am using IOS XE 3.3.1 on my switch.

Waiting TAC that already got debug output after webex session.

The XE code has been pretty problematic. I would definitely upgrade to 3.5.5SE


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Confirmed. I got bug ID CSCum17258. Error log was "EPM_SESS_ERR: Error in activating feature (EPM ACL PLUG-IN) ".

TAC is escalated to BU LAN Switching Team. Waiting for workaround.

Keep us informed. I also have a case open on the same issue. 15.2(2)E1 was suppose to correct this now I am seeing across the entire line of 3750x, 3560x, and 4500 Sup-8.


Cisco suggest to upgrade IOS XE to 03.06.01.E.152-2.E1. But, bug is still fixing by BU Team. Maybe takes time up to 3 months. :)


The code just released on the 4500s seems to fix it however the matching IOS code for the X series does not. Waiting word from TAC who has involved the developers.