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6500 GUI? Is full support for 6500 planned for CNA?

Does anyone know if full support for the 6500 (with the Supervisor Engine 32, at least) planned for the Cisco Network Assistant any time soon? Because it still shows up as an "Unsupported Device" in the topology view, and the only thing it can do is launch a web browser to the 6500's non-existent web management interface. It's ridiculous that the embedded CiscoView Device Manager for the 6500 Series (CVDM-6500) was discontinued without a standalone replacement as of version 1.1, especially since 12.2(18)SXF broke it entirely (see the bug at

As far as I know, the only management GUI available for the 6500 Series at all is CiscoView 6.1.9, which is only available as part of CiscoWorks LMS, the minimum list price for which is $10,000 (for the 100 managed device package). This is obviously overkill for managing a single 6509-E.

Cisco Employee

Currently there is no plan to add full support for 6500.

Thanks for the quick response.

Two follow-up questions, then:

1) Are there any plans to add a standalone management GUI for the 6500 Series, or to fix CVDM so that it works on 12.2(18)SXF and newer (and with the Supervisor Engine 32)?

2) Am I correct in my assessment that the only way to get a functional management GUI for the 6500 Series at this point is to purchase LMS for 100 devices, or is there another option?

sorry I am not involved with 6500 so I do not know about that. Hopefully someone else will reply...

Thanks. Last question, since it appears you're involved with CNA, then: to whom should I make the request that CNA fully support the 6500 series in the future?

I can forward your sugestion to the product team but if you want an official answer you can open a support case with TAC so they can work with the business unit that makes such decisions

What would I open a case with TAC about, exactly?

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