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Access Database in LMS 3.2

I want to access the database through ODBC.

I have followed the instructions of documentation and I can access the server but I can´t access the views because user database fails.

User database I´m using is ´lmsdatafeed´ with the password created in the installation of CiscoWorks LMS 3.2

My ODBC configuration is:

Data source name:   cmf
Descrioption:     cmf

User ID:     lmsdatafeed
Password: xxxxxxxxx

Server Name:  cmfEng
Database name: cmfDb

TCP/IP:       HOST=Hostname;DOBROADCAST=NO;ServerPort=43441      

Is there another user database to connect with database?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The ODBC parameters should be:

Data source name : cmf


Username : lmsdatafeed

Password :

Server Name : cmfEng

TCP/IP : HOST=Hostname;DOBROADCAST=NO;ServerPort=43441

You shouldn't specify a database or database path.  Make sure you've copied all of the necessary files from the LMS server to your remote host, and make sure TCP port 43441 is open between your client and the LMS server.  Verify by trying to telnet to the server on the port 43441.  See for more on the remote access ODBC prerequisites.  You should be able to access the two views Network_Devices and Job_Details using these connection parameters.  See the document above for the other DB connection parameters to access the remainder of the views.

Thanks Joseph,

I think my problem is in password of "lmsdatafeed" user.

I updated to LMS 3.2 from LMS 2.x and I didn´t enter the password, CiscoWorks generated the password at random. I am using this password for "lmsdatafeed" user but I get an error relating to user and passwrord.

How can I know if this password is correct? or how can I reset "lmsdatafeed" password?

Can I reset "lmsdatafeed" password with dbpasswd.p?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Not using, but using

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/bin/ install

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