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ACI VPC endpoint status

Abhishek Nanda
Level 1
Level 1

I have configured VPC on ACI. But the endpoint ip status showing LV for MAC and LaV for IP. The downlink connectivity goes to a physical server(Dell)(no hypervisor) installed linux on it. I defined LACP Active in applied policy-group. On server side they have 802.3ad bond mode.

I have used Cisco 25G AOC for physical connectivity.

However there is no connectivity issue yet.

Please guide why the endpoint ip is aging and if it is aged then how the ip is reachable.


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since I am complete ACI noob, I don't know if this is of any help. but I do seem to remember that it is best practice to actually have IP Aging enabled. According to the link below (item 5):

"At 75% of the endpoint retention timer, a directed ARP is sent to the IP component of the endpoint". If there is an answer, the endpoint will not age out.