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Auto Smartport IF/THEN statements



My goal is to create custom triggers to move our Skype phones into our phone vlans, polycoms into their proper vlan, and everything else into the data vlans on our access switches. 

I've been able to create custom triggers that identify our skype phones and polycoms and apply the right config. When the device is removed, then the config is removed. 

My goal though is when I deploy a switch is to put a management IP/VLANs/ect apply the macros and be done with ultimately a catch all. 

Let's say someone wants to plug in their computer and we have chrome books, hp, dell, ect. I want these also to be configured with ease. Is there a way I can do a IF != OUI list then apply this macro? The only option I can think of is on my other macros on event down statuses, config the data vlan. This may or may not work. We also have the 6800IAs deployed spanning multiple buildings and floors. We may have 6 different data vlans. So for this I feel I would need if != OUI list and on module 1, 2, or 3 apply this vlan. If on module 4, 5, 6 apply this vlan.

Maybe I need to move to TCL? 

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You don't need to move to Tcl, but you should consider moving to EEM proper.  Have a look at this post, which explains how to do some fairly complex port config using EEM applets.

These examples feed off of CDP and LLDP, but it would be easy to use the MAT event detector to look for MAC addresses.

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