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Autonomous AP Configuration Template Apply Java NullPointerException

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Hi @all,

We just ran into Problems applying Autonomous AP Configuration Template to APs.

Last few days all worked like a charm. Applied Configuration Changes to about 500 APs without problems.

Since yesterday we get an Error if we click on "Apply to Autonomous Access Points ..." Error says:

Error(s): You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

Error:Unknown Exception Occurred. If the problem persists please send logs to the Tech Support.

For error log see Attachment.

We're running licensed Cisco Prime Infrastructure Version (Medium Edition) running as virtuall appliance on VMWare.

Does anyone have an idea?

Best regards


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Level 1

I have the exact same issue but in our case it came up the first time we tried opening the template.

I need this working for the weekend for a site migration so I will probably have to open a TAC case if no one answers this post in the next couple hours.

It's finding the time to work through a TAC case that is the problem. So much to do and not enough time...


Hi Larry,

we have a slight hint of an idea concerning the problem: Maybe the vm is to small...

We're actually going to migrate to a bigger version (large) of the virtual appliance as the medium ova is to small for our environment.

I'll upgrade on any news...



Hi Hakon -

Thanks so much for your reply.

Great idea on the ova size. I just took over support for PI in our environment. In fact I didn't even have access to the app until this morning so it is all new to me.

One note is that it was working - just like yours - up until yesterday when the NullException popped up. I am on a call with the WLAN engineer who was/is working on it now so this was new information to me that it had worked previously until yesterday.

Please keep me updated and if I open a TAC case I will also update you on Ciscos response.

I have a few tasks to complete this morning before I am free to open a TAC case but I will be opening one ASAP once I finish up my configuration tasks.

Best regards -


Hi Hakon -

I found the solution to our issuse and thought I would share it with you. The engineer I am taking over support from assisted so I can't take credit for this!

Here is a link to the full text for workaround.



Login as 'root' user & follow the procedure below:

Copy/Paste and execute the following SQL statements one by one :


i) update migration set state=9 where state=4;

ii) update migration set state=4 where state=7;

iii) update migration set state=7 where state=9;

iv) update migrationreport set (ctrlipaddressT,ctrlipaddress)=(select 1,' 0.

0. 0. 0' from dual) where ctrlipaddress='NOT ASSOCIATED';

I hope that helps you!

Best regards-