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Can i delete the vlan.dat in vtp transparent mode on a cisco 4507 switch


Hi Team,

I have a 4507 cisco catalyst switch that is in vtp transparent mode and i want to delete the vlan.dat can someone help with the commands since i'm having issues with one vlan thank you.

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Martin L
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Find the vlan.dat file with dir command and then delete with delete command

but what problem do u have with vlan?  I believe you could shutdown vlan x with shutdown under vlan x


Regards, ML
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I shut down vlan but my problem is that any device that is connected to my 204 vlan won't communicate with my network any other vlan is working is only this vlan i delete the vlan and i creat the vlan and is the same thing.

Can you post below output, can you clarify for the VLAN not able to communicate with other VLAN, where is the L3 interface for that VLAN (can you provide relevant config for that)


show version

show vlan 

show ip route



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where is SVI for 204 (interface vlan 204) ? check if it is UP UP state.  if you don't have SVI 204, then you must have L3 port with ip address on switch Or a router doing ROAS (router on a stick)

if PCs are not directly connected to switch with SVI 204, then check trunks if they allow to pass vlan 204.

finally, there must be at least 1 access vlan in 204 for interface vlan 204 to stay up up.


Regards, ML
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lets say you have PC1 in vlan 10 connected to L2 switch then L3 switch with SVI 10 and 11 and PC2 in vlan 11. For PC1 to ping to PC2 ok you must have following: L2 sw must have vlan 10 in database, trunk setup to L3 sw. L3 sw must have both 10 and 11 vlans in database; trunking set up on any links to router or other switches. L3 must have at least 1 PC connected to vlan 11 for SVI 11 to stay up.

Sorry for the late reply but I was on vacation all my SVI vlans are created on my core switch and they are distributed as layer 2 two my other switches on my access switches I have a management vlan which is 8 but all my vlan on the other switches are layer 2 and my issue is that when I connect my laptop to vlan 204 i'm able to ping the gateway of that vlan but i'm not able to ping switch 3 or switch 4 but if I put my laptop on the same switch but on a different vlan i'm able to ping swtich 2 and 3 and all my vlan are on all the switches and i'm able to ping from swich 2 and 3 from a different vlan except from vlan 204 

if you have extended VLAN to other switches, there is no reason 1 work 1 will not, until any other ACL or another information we do not know as part of the config.


As i have requested earlier, we need to look at your switch config, so please post-core and switch 2 and 3 configs (removing any sensitive information)


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